The Baltic Sea Waste Campaign (BSWC)
is a road show - at sea.

In 2012 BSWC sailed to several places around the Baltic Sea
onboard the brig Tre Kronor.The aim was to draw attention to
the problem of marine waste and environmental issues.

BSWC visited harbors and conducted litter dives, filming waste
lying onthe bottom of the sea. In several places, along with
environmentalexperts, seminars and workshops about marine
waste where held. Litter dives and seminars was filmed
and broadcasted live on the internet.

BSWC have contributed to awareness raising about marine waste
and environmental issues both locally and regionally.

We want to inspire, and call to action!

Place and date of Baltic Sea Waste Campaign
- litter dives and seminars.
  • Visby 4/7
  • Kalmar 15/7
  • Simrishamn 23/7
  • Norrtalje 5/8
  • Oxelosund 19/8
  • Stockholm 29/8
  • Tallin 7/9
  • Riga 13/9